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Scientific editing services from top-rated freelancers worldwide. Top research organizations choose Kolabtree experts for help with manuscript preparation for journal publication. Legends (TV Series 2014 ndash 2015) IMDb Legends (TV Series 2014 ndash 2015) IMDb ,狠狠大香蕉2019最新版波多野结衣在线视频av IMDb 狠狠大香蕉2019最新版波多野结衣在线视频av IMDb

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Featured Freelance Scientific Editors
Natalia Sphyris - PhD Biological Sciences - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Natalia Sphyris
PhD, Biological Sciences
University of Warwick
United Kingdom | USD 75 per hour
Marina Hanes - Editor in the Life Sciences - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Marina Hanes
Editor in the Life Sciences
Board of Editors in the Life Sciences
United States | USD 80 per hour
Carolyn Beans - PhD, Biology - Environmental Sciences - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Carolyn Beans
PhD, Biology
University of Virginia
United States
Anastasiia Novikova - PhD, Physics - University of California, San Diego - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Anastasiia Novikova
PhD, Physics
Université de Versailles
France | USD 30 per hour
Natasha Shelby - PhD, Ecology - Bio-Protection Research Centre- Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Natasha Shelby
PhD, Ecology
Bio-Protection Research Centre
United States | USD 75 per hour
Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando - Doctor of Medicine - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Dr. Nuwanthi Fernando
Doctor of Medicine
Vitebsk State Medical University
Sri Lanka | USD 75 per hour
Natasha Beeton - PhD - Molecular & Cell Biology - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
Natasha Beeton
PhD, Molecular & Cell Biology
University of Cape Town
South Africa | USD 35 per hour
John McCool - Education Specialist - Subject Matter Expert from Kolabtree
John McCool
Education Specialist
MD Anderson Cancer Centre
United States | USD 40 per hour
Get a freelance scientific editor to help you edit and prepare your manuscript for publication in a high-quality journal.
  • Choose from hundreds of freelance editors specialized in a wide range of disciplines from biotechnology to physics.
  • Get a freelance scientific editor to help you write, edit, and format your manuscript according to journal-specific guidelines.
  • Get support with translation, designing charts and tables, copy-editing, and making revisions as per reviewers' feedback.
  • Consult a published author who can help you select the most appropriate journal for your research.
  • The scope of the service can be fully customized and tailored to your specific requirements.

Flexible, easy payments. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Confidentiality assured.

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Pay a fixed rate per project. Set up milestones to pay against for complex projects. Increase the budget and scope at any time.

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Your money is held safely in escrow and the freelancer is paid only once you’re satisfied with the work done and ready to release funds.

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Our T&C include a default confidentiality clause. However, you can easily upload and sign custom agreements with freelancers.

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Success Stories

Prepare a paper for journal publication

A venture capitalist hired a US-based physicist for help editing a paper and selecting the right journal for publication.

Cost: USD 600 | Time Taken: 6 Days

Cannabis genetic categorization

A cannabis researcher hired a plant diversity expert for writing a report on the categorization of the cannabis plant.

Cost: USD 500 | Time Taken: 3 Weeks

Write a ‘How to’ guide

An online technology publication hired a data scientist & writer to develop a 'how-to' guide on data analysis.

Cost: USD 200 | Time Taken: 10 Days

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Hire a scientific editor for help getting your research published in a reputed journal.

How to hire a freelance scientific editor

Scientific editing is a specialized editor who focuses on assuring the effective communication of research findings. In science, complicated facts and analysis need to be explained in a clear and comprehensible manner, which is usually the task of the scientific editor.

Scientific journals around the world tend to be strict with regards to the quality of studies and the clarity of the communication, reason why scientific editing has received more attention over the years. It ultimately ensures that science is expressed correctly and effectively.

If you are a researcher, when submitting an article for publication, you probably have received comments from the scientific editor and reviewers, with suggestions on how to improve a few areas of your manuscript. Those suggestions tend to get more extensive when the authors are not native English speakers.

What does a freelance science editor do

The combination of subject area expertise and excellent command of the English language is rare and describes precisely the skills needed for a successful scientific editor, a niche that is always seeking new people to fill the available positions.

Scientific editing is what bridges the gap between the researchers, who bring their discoveries to be shared with the scientific community, and the journals, who share the publications with the world.

Scientific editing services are very effective to improve the quality of a study. Editors make sure that the message of the study is clear, find potential gaps in the study and improve its readability. The aim is not only focus on the language, but also on the quality of scientific content.

The suggested changes resulting from scientific editing allow for every single reader to clearly understand the study in question and to be able to extract relevant information without effort.

Scientific editing positions are usually filled by researchers, who also need to identify the most important papers for publication. These positions typically requires a broad understanding of different research topics.

Why hire a freelance scientific editor online?

Few researchers feel completely comfortable when communicating their data.  Writing in a simple and succinct way can become a challenge, particularly when complex data is involved. A scientific editor can certainly increase the chances of your article being accepted for publication.

Despite the fact that many scientific journals and publishers offer language editing services when submitting an article, the costs involved tend to be high. Thus, hiring a freelance manuscript editor is usually the quickest and most cost-effective solution.

If you do not feel very inspired to write a cover letter for your submission, you can also ask the freelance editor for help, as a well-written letter makes all the difference, clearly explaining the importance of your findings and why it deserves to be published.

How much does it cost to hire a scientific editor?

If you decide to pay by the hour, the price to hire a freelance science editor starts at 30 USD. It is also possible to work on a fixed rate per project, which is usually divided into milestones.

Payment to the freelancer is done once you are satisfied with the job, making it a very safe choice for all your scientific editing needs.

How to write an effective job post for scientific editing?

The search for a suitable expert for your project can be facilitated when you provide information on each of the following points:

  • Project description or scope of work: for best results, include as much information as possible and be clear on the field so you can try to find a freelancer with experience.
  • Duration of the project: is it a short-term or a long-term collaboration? You can be specific about it in this section. You should also mention your final deadline for the final manuscript.
  • By when you need to hire: state how much time you are willing to spend on the search.
  • Budget: specify how much funding you can allocate for your project.
  • Skills required: what would you like to find in the resume of the freelancer? How much previous experience, related jobs done, etc.

If you want to improve your scientific articles before submission, hire a professional specialized in scientific paper editing who can add value to your work and increase your chances of acceptance.

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